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We’re your local solution for any House Demolition or Commercial Demolition – We even deal with Asbestos!

 Starting the process of getting your building or house demolished can be a fairly intimidating process. Knowing what sort of permits you need, what documentation you require and running it all past the council can be an extreme hassle for anyone not familiar with how the system works – Why not let Decon Demolition on the Sunshine Coast take care of all the for you?

We deal in Residential Demolition, Commercial Demolition and Industrial Demolition so you can rest assured that we can take of your project, no matter how big or small – We even deal with your asbestos.

If you need any information on how much a project is going to cost, or if you have any questions on the demolition process, we offer free quotes to all our clients.

Our Demolition services are a great time-saving alternative for customers who need a project completed in a timel manner. If you’re the owner of a property or a developer in need of a fast-acting Demolition service, then our House Demolition Servicesoin the Sunshine Coast is for you.



  • Safety First

Safety is our #1 priority for both people and neighbouring property.

  • Proper Evaluation of the Sites

We give the demolition site a full evaluation before any work is started.

  • Minimal Polution Demolition

Our demolition experts in Brisbane apply their skills to control the air and noise pollution at every stage of the demolition process.

  • No Tedious Paperwork for the Owner

Our experts have considerable experience in dealing with the paperwork – Stress less and let us take care of it for you!

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    Types of Demolition On The Sunshine Coast

    Mechanical Demolition

     One of the options our Sunshine Coast Demolition team have is Mechanical Demolition – This is the process of demolishing a building with use of bulldozers, excavators, cranes and any large machinery. This process is very time efficient and allows our experts a high degree of control from start to finish. This is one of the most popular Demolition methods.

    Deconstruction or Demolition by Hand

    If you need to try and salvage as much building material from your building as possible then this is the solution for you. Our Sunshine Coast staff ensure that all salvageable materials are preserved for your next project.

    Permit requirements

    Different countries have different rules as far as the permit requirements for house demolition are concerned. In most cases, you need to alert the local authorities about demolishing the house. We demonstrate due diligence and promptly inform the local governing authorities before starting the demolition process. We also make sure to obtain no-objection certificates from the electricity, water and sanitation departments.

    Combination of Demolition and Deconstruction

    The first stage of this method is the deconstruction of the house and salvaging all the retrievable materials. After this, the demolition experts proceed with the demolition of the remaining structure. Our demolition services in Brisbane include this method as well.

    Asbestos Removal

    Asbestos removal is a tricky part of demolition projects. Stakes are higher when you deal with a house demolition project. Demolition Brisbane is committed to ensuring scientific and safe asbestos removal services. Our company provides effortless solutions for asbestos-related problems. We are also fully licensed to conduct asbestos removal works. We hold A Class Asbestos Removal Business certificate. Our teams also focus on site remediation.

    When should you demolish a house

    Your budget range and immediate needs are the key factors that decide whether you should opt for a house renovation or demolition. In some cases, house renovation or partial demolition is the best choice. If you attempt to renovate a badly damaged house, it might cost you an arm and a leg. If the house foundation is in a condition of disrepair, the re-modelling might be quite challenging as it needs a lot of work, resources and skill.

    Therefore, you should always consider your budget and the estimated expense before you make the decision.

    The bigger your family is, the bigger your needs are. Sometimes, your old house might turn out to a bit inconvenient as the family welcomes new members after marriage or childbirth. In these cases, house demolition paves the way for you to build a new house that suits your needs.

    If you need any advice on choosing the best option that meets your requirements, our company is available to guide you through the process. It is our job to evaluate the construction and to assess the damages to the house.

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