Commercial Demolition

Commercial Demolition services in Brisbane tackles complete or partial demolition of commercial structures such as hotels, shopping centres, and the like. Along with quality work, we also pride ourselves on ensuring all work is completed on the schedule.

Highly Accomplished Demolition Contractors

  • Precise risk evaluations
  • Asbestos Detection and Removal
  • We use state of the art equipment
  • Responsible debris removal

The Correct Risk Assessment

The risk factor is higher as Commercial demolition Brisbane deals with large buildings. Decon Demolition Brisbane conducts proper risk assessments before commencing the commercial demolition project. We care about the safety of our team and the environment.

Proficient Commercial Demolition Contractors

Hiring inexperienced demolition experts is the biggest blunder you could make while planning Brisbane commercial demolition. They might not be able to cope with the pressure of handling larger buildings. Decon Demolition Brisbane is comprised of highly-qualified experts who have years of experience in this field.

Asbestos Removal in commercial structures

Detecting the presence of asbestos in large commercial buildings is an uphill task. Decon Demolition Brisbane has a team of state-certified asbestos inspectors who conduct the risk assessments involved in the asbestos removal. Our Brisbane commercial demolition services also include the detection of other hazardous materials such as lead paint, synthetic metal fibres and the like.

Methods used for Commercial Demolition  

Mechanical Demolition

The most commonly used method of commercial demolition Brisbane is mechanical demolition. It requires heavy pieces of equipment such as high reach excavators, cranes and trucks. Decon Demolition Brisbane optimises our best quality equipment to improve productivity and efficiency.

Mixed Material Collection

In this method, we transport reusable materials from the job site to a waste facility. The waste facility separates the reusable materials and sends them to a processing facility for recycling.

commercial demolition brisbane

Using Explosives

Demolition companies use this method for demolition works involving skyscrapers, stadiums and the like. Demolition using explosions or building implosion is the strategic use of explosive materials. It weakens the structural stability of a building, causing it to collapse under its weight. Our team at Decon Demolition Brisbane organises a thorough blueprint and plans a tactical placement of explosives.

Onsite Processing

We process the reusable materials right on-site. Then, we send it to the nearest facility for proper recycling.

Source Separation

Our team separates the reusable materials from one another at the job site. Then, we send it to the nearest facility for proper recycling.

Deconstruction by Hand/ Manual Demolition

Demolition or Deconstruction by hand is the piece-by-piece deconstruction of a structure using hand tools. Decon Demolition Brisbane conducts a top down deconstruction with precision and guarantees the safe storage of salvageable materials.

Debris Management

The demolition of any structure is likely to leave behind a large amount of debris. Commercial and industrial demolition work, in particular, generate a considerable amount of waste materials. Our Brisbane commercial demolition services also include the efficient removal of debris. Debris like concrete and soil are reusable, which means that you can reuse them for other projects. We retrieve such materials and help our clients to use them for other projects. Brisbane demolition uses on-site processing, source separation and mixed material collection for recycling debris.

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