Asbestos Fibre Board

Low Density Asbestos Fibre Board

Because it is softer than AC sheeting, LDB can break up more easily when disturbed, which increases the likelihood of exposure.



We are a class A licensed asbestos removal company.



We can assist in evaluating your asbestos management plan according to state regulations.



Our work is carried out according to state approved regulations.

Certified Staff

Our asbestos removalists are trained and certified in Low Density Asbestos.

Low Density Asbestos Fibre Board Handling and Disposal

LDB is a dense and lightly compressed asbestos fibre board commonly found in wall and ceiling panels. Due its its favourable properties in insulation, flame protection and thermal retardancy, it is still often found in buildings and construction. LDB contains 70% asbestos fibres and is generally composed of both white and brown asbestos. These fibre boards present a risk when disturbed, and run into the issue of releasing asbestos. Due to its soft nature, it has a high risk of expelling asbestos fibres, if not disposed of in the correct manner. The health risk of asbestos is mitigated with an efficient and knowledgeable approach, and a company with the correct accreditations. Decon Demolition has experienced team members with all the right qualifications. We adhere to all safety and control guidelines, whilst providing a professional and expedient service.

Low Density Asbestos Fibre Board Handling and Disposal
Brisbane Asbestos Boards - The Importance of Removing Asbestos

Removal, Maintenance and Service Work

LDB tends to bend or flex when pressure is first applied and then will tear rather than snap once it reaches its breaking point. Nails and other fasteners cannot easily be removed from LDB without it tearing and breaking into very small pieces. Maintenance and service tasks, such as sawing, cutting or drilling into LDB without appropriate controls can result in a significant release of toxic asbestos fibres.

01. Waste Disposal

Due to its toxic nature, asbestos needs to be disposed in a responsible manner. We persevere to comply with all procedures

02. Identifying LDB

We are certified and trained to identify and manage different types of asbestos

03. Safety

Removing asbestos can be hazardous. But if left untreated its effects can create a hazardous environment. All our operations are safe and we provide full decontamination services.

04. Decontamination

We provide and execute decontamination services as stipulated by government regulations

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